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Saving Vs. Investing


When people save money, part of the reason that they do so is so that they have funds available for a “rainy day” in the event that they really need them. Nobody likes living paycheck to paycheck and there’s a certain level of comfort that goes along with knowing you’ve got an emergency fund available …

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Mahoney Money Minute: Budgeting

Bob Mahoney discusses the steps of budgeting with colleague Katie Conachy in this Mahoney Money Minute video.

Mahoney Money Minute: Savings

Bob Mahoney discusses saving for yourself and your family with colleague Shirley Duggan in this Mahoney Money Minute video.

Mahoney Money Minute: Avoiding Unnecessary Fees

  Bob Mahoney discusses with colleague Kayla Murphy how to avoid unnecessary fees with airlines, credit reporting sites and more in this Mahoney Money Minute video.

College Loan Options

Bob Mahoney, President and CEO of Belmont Savings Bank, interviews Kevin Fudge of American Student Assistance about the options for college loans including Stafford loans, PLUS loans, and private loans.

College Admission Process

Bob Mahoney, Belmont Savings Bank President, interviews Dr. Laurie Nash in this mind-boggling series highlighting the journey of getting into college. Bob Mahoney and Laurie Nash cover topics including testing, essays, school visits, applications and more.

Top 5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft


Identity theft occurs on a regular basis to more than ten million people per year, according to Fox Business and that number will only grow as thieves become more adept at stealing information and more consumers use credit and debit cards. Previously, headlines were made when it was discovered that 1.7 billion identities were stolen …

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4 myths about HELOCS


Homeowners with equity in their property might want to consider a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) to meet big expenses that sometimes come out of left field when we least expect it. That being said, many property owners shy away from this option due to misinformation and misconceptions, so here is a list of …

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